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Implant Care


Good gum health is very important to keep implants for a longer time. Oral biofilm (plaque)lodges harmful bacteria on teeth and gums. There is strong evidence that the bacteria cause not just gum problems but also diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's.


It is recommended to have regular hygiene visits for the success of dental implants.

Conventional scalers and other polishing methods not only just damage teeth and gums but are also not effective in removing the biofilm. Studies show these methods can only remove 50% of the biofilm.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

The state-of-the-art Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

  •  Removes biofilm, discolorations and tartar deposits more effectively than conventional methods. 

  • Relatively painless 

  • Removes biofilm in deeper pockets 

  • Minimally invasive and doesn’t cause any damage to dental implants and crowns 

  • The powder present in Airflow is antibacterial and helps in decontaminating the implant surface


Our therapists have provided the best possible gum care to all our patients.

Our amazing team of hygienists

  • Spend good time to discuss about your gum care needs

  • Provide tailor made gum care regime

  • Provide Oral Hygiene Instructions for implant care

  • Monitor your gum health regularly at your visit


Book now for GBT with our hygienists/therapists.

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