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Bone Augmentation

There are several reasons for bone volume loss. Few of them such as traumas, severe gum problems, etc if left untreated causes degradation of bone. It is necessary to have a healthy bone for the success of dental implants. Bone augmentation sometimes is necessary when there is not enough bone volume to place an implant. 

The photograph shown below shows a case of bone volume loss. The upper canine has been removed a while ago and no socket preservations have been done immediately. Hence there is a significant bone loss in this region. Upon assessing 3D X-rays there is not enough bone volume to place an implant. Hence after discussing the situation with the patient, an implant is placed in this region with simultaneous bone augmentation. Every person is different. A thorough assessment is needed for every case to get a predictable treatment outcome. To discuss more about the procedure please book an appointment.

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